The Fry Family

Your sales rep stopped by one day asking to inspect our roof for some possible hail damage from August 2012. He was very polite and recommended we contact our insurance company to get some adjusters out. He also requested that he be there with the adjusters, as sometimes adjusters miss things that he does not. It turned out we did have hail damage and qualified for a full roof replacement. There was some limited e-mail communication and the sales rep always promptly answered our e-mails. On the day of the job, I had the pleasure of speaking with the crew leader. He had 16 years in the roofing industry and the same people have been with him for 11 years. They were very thorough and finished the job in 1 day. They were very attentive during cleanup and even went as far as to blow the loose gravel from the old shingles off the deck, sidewalks, etc., and even blew off the remnants off the roof after finishing the job. Upon yard inspection by myself the next day, one could not even tell that they had been there the previous day. I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a great roofing contractor